Delvine & Burnbane

River Tay at Caputh, from upstream march of Upper Delvine almost to the bridge at Caputh,  2 miles left bank, 1.5 miles right bank.

Two bank rods per day Monday to Friday, four rods Saturday (two bank, two boat) from July till end of season. No ghillie Monday to Friday, ghillie in boat Saturday.

Availability in 2020

From To Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
2 Jul 15 Oct Two bank rods, online Two bank rods, both balloted Two bank rods, online Two bank rods, both balloted Two bank rods, online Two bank rods and two boat rods, all balloted

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Beat Maps

The beat commences 600 metres below Caputh bridge, and continues downstream to the march with Upper Devine. It is set in secluded countryside, the right bank is tree lined and the left bank is open farmland.

There are 11 named pools, Sparrowmuir pool which is 530 yards long, Sparrowmuir stream, Burnbane pool, Sandy Bay, Sycamore tree, Burnbane, Corner pool, Big stone, Twin trees, Salt hole, Darroch pool.

There is some classic streamy fly water for fly fishing from the bank or wading the tail of Sparrowmuir, Sparrowmuir stream, the Corner Pool, Tail of Burnbane Pool, the Salt hole and Darroch pool wading only.

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The fishing hut and car park are on the left bank, accessed via an unsurfaced farm track from the B9099 road in Caputh village (starts beside the bus stop).