The famous Dalguise beat on the River Tay, 1¼ miles of double-bank fishing between Dunkeld and Ballinluig.

Two rods per day, three days a week (Mon, Tue and Sat) from the 18 Jan till the end of June. Also 3 Aug to 26 Sep (Mon and Tue as normal, plus Fri or Sat on alternate weeks, starting with Fri in week beginning 3 Aug).

All rods will be balloted.

Availability in 2020

From To Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
18 Jan 27 Jun Two rods, both balloted Two rods, both balloted Not available Not available Not available Two rods, both balloted
3 Aug 26 Sep Two rods, both balloted Two rods, both balloted Not available Not available Two rods,  balloted, alternate weeks Two rods,  balloted, alternate weeks

Online Booking

Beat Maps

Click here for Dalguise Beat Map


Link to an aerial video of the Dalguise beat.

The following video was shot by PDAA member Iain Bain, early season 2019:


The fishing hut and car park are on the west bank, accessed from the B898 road. See beat map.


Dalguise has an excellent website with lots of useful information (click HERE).

There are many pools and streams on the beat. Favoured areas include: Guay Pool, Tail of Guay, Boils, Flats, Casting Platform, Neck of Bridge Pool, Tail of Bridge Pool, Dowally Stream, Calum’s Corner, Island Pool, Tail of Island, Neck of Otterstone, Otterstone, Tail of Otterstone, Sarah’s Spot.  (Click HERE to see the Pool Description Page).

Approximately half of the fish are caught on fly, the balance by lure and bait. Dalguise has led the way in catch and release with 88% being returned last season, in line with the catch and release recommendations of the Tay Salmon Fisheries Board.

There is an excellent fishing cabin, the cabin is raised above the river and from its veranda there are magnificent views of the upper beat and surrounding countryside to the distant hills. The cabin has a fully equipped kitchen and toilet facilities.