Griff’s Perth Gold - A PDAA Salmon Fly

By Neil Wilson

Conceived as an early season pattern for the Tay, this fly was developed for PDAA by fly tier Paul Griffin during a quiet spell at the 2015 Scottish Game Fair.

Griff's Perth Gold fly

Griff's Perth Gold fly

The PDAA stand was across the way from the Game Angling Instructors Association stand where Paul was doing fly tying demos. The weather on Saturday was miserable, so member John Cook wandered across to the GAIA tent and started chatting with Paul. John had originally wanted some Gold-Bodied Willie Gunns tied, but Paul started improvising and after a while settled on a new pattern, which he named Griff’s Perth Gold.

On the fly's first outing at Upper Delvine, it accounted for a fine 3½-pound sea trout.

Martin Ritchie, of Tay Salmon Fly, has offered to make up the GPG on both salmon doubles and tubes, available to order on his website.

For those who prefer to tie their own flies, here is the dressing:

Hook: Single or double size 6, 8 or10; tubes 1” to 2"

Tail: Golden pheasant topping

Tag: Gold oval tinsel

Body: Double layer gold holographic tinsel

Rib: Black holographic tinsel

Throat hackle: Squirrel tail dyed blue, tied beard style

Under wing: 2 strands of hot orange mirage accent, should be silhouetted by the wing when looking up.

Wing :Hot orange bucktail  sparsely overlaid with black bucktail

Over wing: 2 strands each of hot orange and yellow fluorescent fibre

Head: Black, but claret also looks good