by Ted Eadie

On 29th August 2016 at Upper Delvine beat of the River Tay, fishing on a ‘Let’s Tackle Charity ‘ day with winning bidders Derek Hughes and Robert Curly, I hooked a very nice salmon just below the big tree on the Baldarroch Pool in fast water.

On the first revolution of the retrieve of the reel, the handle came off the Super Condex reel I was using. Question now, how to retrieve line at a suitable speed to fight this fish, which felt like a good one.


At this time I was mid river, and Derek waded out with the landing net, and I explained to him the problem. After a few minutes he suggested using his small scissors somehow, but then I remembered my arterial forceps in my wader pocket. I removed them and by sticking the point through one of the lightening holes of the reel, managed to use as a handle and control, and bring the fish to the net after a fair old struggle.

The fish was photographed, allowed time to revive and released. The fish was estimated at 12lb (31”) and caught on a Castle Killer as shown in the T&S magazine April 1996.