PDAA looking for more Coaches - Interested ?

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Do you have a couple of hours a week and would like to put it to good use ?? 

The club are actively looking for new Coaches to build on their current team of 2. 

Got you this far well read on.


MY VISION FOR THE FUTURE (Written by Chris Connolly). 

I would like to continue with the work we have completed over the last couple of years, and build on it for the future.

 Over the last couple of years, John Cook and myself have been working away with a few community based projects. As well as running two successful groups, with St Johns Church, we have also recently completed a 6 week long coaching project with Strathallan School. 

My long term vision is that PDAA are actively involved with schools, in the local area and teaching both fishing and hopefully flytying to local youngsters. 

Unless we as a club bring more youngsters into the sport then the future is definitely not rosy for the sport of angling. 

Can you help well read on.



A can do attitude and a willingness to adapt to different situation that will be thrown at you. 

A requirement to go back to school well of sorts !! A weekend course and some pre and post  writing work to do which will enable you to gain your Level 1 certificate. 

A first aid and children first course to keep you up to date with all relevant legislation. 

A couple of hours a week as and when required. 

The most important thing for myself in a new coach is a belief that you can and are going to make a difference. Not only in learning the child or adult a new skill but in the long term a future game angler to keep up our legacy. 

Being mobile and getting yourself to the courses and back at your own cost. 

Still Interested well not a lot to go now 


What you get from PDAA


In return myself and PDAA will, with your help with the completion of a funding application 

Ensure all the course costs will be met. 

The cost of the level 1 course is £186 and then if you choose to go on to level 2 then that is £265, with a bursary from sports Scotland and funding from live active and the shortfall being met by PDAA, so no cost to you. 

An SQA certificate on completion of your course. 

Make Sure you are fully covered through insurance and are fully PVG checked to be able to deliver courses to children and vulnerable adults. 

PDAA will fund the costs of your professional membership of SANA (Scottish anglers national association) This gets you public liability insurance and also a full PVG check free of charge. 

When is this like to happen 

The next level 1 course is currently scheduled for the last week in October or first week in November. The list of names has started and I would love to see a couple of PDAA members Being added if possible. 

However if you want to see what happens and have that couple of hours each week then let me know and you can come along and help out. 

I was hoping to be able to have a few dates available of new coaching activity for the             2017 /2018 school session but I am currently waiting to hear back from the live active schools Co- ordinator. 

Details will follow, hopefully in the next coaching report. 

Thanks for taking the time to read through this article.


Ohh you are still here, then please feel free to give me a call on 07590 651 820 if you need further information.

Chris Connolly, Coaching Officer