Coaching Report June 2017

Written by Ted Eadie on .

 Coaching Report for June 2017 (Written by Chris Connolly).

Perth Grammar School 

I have had another very interesting conversation with david paul at the grammar school. 

He has intimated that as soon as the schools go back he will arrange a meeting with the head of science and also head of support within the school to look at ways we can offer some after school coaching and also roll out our beginners course to interested pupils. 

Duke Of Edinburgh


David also said in our telephone conversation that as the  school has a large contingent of

D.O.E. reward students then he is sure that our services will be asked for when they are offered to the teacher in charge of the D.O.E certificates. 

I did mention to David that we could easily adapt our courses to meet the requirements of the awards so they lasted the required number of hours to gain the merits for the certificate. 

Strathallan School

While the last session on the water had to be cancelled due to the enormity of the weed growth / problem I still visited the school on the last week to help with the weed clearance 

I donned the waders and strolled into the pond and helped for a few hours to help clear spaces for the visiting prep schools to try out fishing as one of the sports and recreations available at the school 

The morning dawned for the prep school visit and the weather was akin to a Scottish winter or summer come to think of it wet and windy. 

Myself and john arrived at the prescribed destination at just before 9.00am to find a hall the size of an aircraft hanger with four full size tennis courts inside and really high roofs.These were ideal for casting and over the morning we had 3 groups of 6/7 prep school kids to teach casting / fishing and all of the feedback was very positive. 

Craigclowan Prep School 

I have also had an interest from the above school at perhaps arranging a course with them and will be contacting them when the schools go back.The teacher I spoke to seemed very keen to do something with us as I quote “we are always looking to offer the kids something different. 

Youth Fishing 

Once the holidays are past for me and I can pin Ian at Fishponds down then I plan on having a meeting with him, to discuss the options available for holding open days and perhaps some form of fishing club for youngsters.I will also be asking about his plans for the trout ponds at fishponds and hopefully will be able to report back at a later time. 


While John and myself are kept busy with what we are doing at the moment it would be good to have some more qualified coaches available to help out if things all fall into place over the autumn and winter. 

I also want to look at trying to form some kind of youth section within PDAA and try and bring more youngsters into fishing that way also. 

The problem PDAA has is it doesn’t have its own premises to run this from or at least doesn’t have access to free facilities to be able to do this on a regular basis. 

If anyone has any ideas how we can do this then please get in touch, I am open to all ideas and suggestions. 

I will be trying to get up to inverness in the near future to meet with some of their committee to look how they run their very healthy junior section.