Coaching Report May 2017

Written by Ted Eadie on .

As PDAA members will know, PDAA has two certified coaches, Chris Connolly, Level 2, and John Cook, Level 1, both working very hard to build up a reputation and becoming involved in coaching young people in the art of angling. The following was a report Chris wrote for a recent committee meeting. Also in the pipeline is a dedicated page for coaching news. 

Coaching Report for Mar /April 2017 


CLS Schools Participation Day.     I  went along to Willowgate on the 21st March to meet with Ian Robertson from CLS to discuss the open day which is to be held on Tuesday 30th May 2017.I am still waiting to hear any update from that meeting but it was agreed that myself and John would only be doing flycasting lessons and nothing else and there would be no hooks attached to the tackle at any time as both Ian and myself agreed that it would be too dangerous after such a short space of time wielding a rod. 

P.D.A.A Open Day.       I went along to Willowgate and met with simon clarke of Tay Salmon Fisheries and had a discussion with him about holding an open day at the fishery and the club getting exclusive use of the facility for the day. I also asked about using the fishery for the D.O.E as a base to complete some of their award requirements.

Simon did not come back to me for over a week but has agreed in principle that for a 3 hour approx. Catch and release ticket he would allow a discounted rate of £x. Which Im sure we can get for any future courses also.

For exclusive use of the fishery for a day he would be looking at £xxx and this is something that the committee would need to discuss.Although it would come out of the coaching budget it is a large chunk of the yearly allowance. 

Perth Grammar School.   I have had further discussions with David Paul who is the live active sports co-ordinator in the school.He has just come back to me with a very positive reponse and looking for us to begin an after school club course as son as it can be organised. 

This has come about with the offer of free coaching lessons and also the possibility of a free mornings fishing at willowgate.I think that this is a very positive step towards gaining an access course into the school curriculum. 

David also asked if he could offer the facility to St Johns as well and I said that as long as the numbers were managable I didn’t see any reason not too. 

Duke Of Edinburgh.     I went along with Lindsay to meet up with the D.O.E co-ordinator to discuss the possibility of rolling out a course in fishing as part of their award.

We had a very fruitful and positive meeting which we thought would come to fruition and even had got to the position of getting Lindsay to book the Glenearn Community Campus for all of the Tuesday Evenings to the end of term. 

However nothing ever goes to plan and we received the disappointing news on Friday that there had been no applicants to take up the offer and the reason given was that they were all part way through the award year and had already picked their given subjects. 

Strathallan School 

On a positive note after a couple of meeting with Anthony Glasgow  the business manager at Strathallan both myself and John are going over to help out with casting lessons on Wed.

3 May at 18.00. There will be no lessons / indoor activity apart from a short safety brieff then onto the playing fields to wield a rod and get them casting. We currently have 11 pupils ranging from 10/13.

These casting lessons will cost the club zero and only myself and Johns time will be involved.  

As the school have a recently stocked loch in the grounds which I have already seen and risk assessed,all the fishing will be carried out there once we are happy they are competent enough. 

Casting Lessons 

Below is an Email I received from a new member this year Jim Henderson.

I contacted Chris after having trouble casting close to a banking and seeking advice as to whether my tackle/line was sufficiently heavy enough.
We met at Muirton one evening and Chris quickly identified my line was not suitable for the rod I was using.
He gave me advice and a contact James Chalmers who would assist with the problem.
I then received personal casting tuition for 2 hours, which has greatly helped.
The new line has been fitted and has made a tremendous difference.

Without Chris help and guidance my enjoyment of the sport would have lessened and it has been a positive experience.
Chris still makes himself available for any further advice     I might need
Jim Henderson