Coaching Reports

September 2017 Coaching Report

Written by Ted Eadie on .


This month with the end of the season fast approaching I spent a few hours  chasing silver and that’s what I did chased it as there were no big numbers to be had anywhere on the lower river.

PDAA looking for more Coaches - Interested ?

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Do you have a couple of hours a week and would like to put it to good use ?? 

The club are actively looking for new Coaches to build on their current team of 2. 

Got you this far well read on.


MY VISION FOR THE FUTURE (Written by Chris Connolly). 

I would like to continue with the work we have completed over the last couple of years, and build on it for the future.

Coaching Report June 2017

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 Coaching Report for June 2017 (Written by Chris Connolly).

Perth Grammar School 

I have had another very interesting conversation with david paul at the grammar school. 

He has intimated that as soon as the schools go back he will arrange a meeting with the head of science and also head of support within the school to look at ways we can offer some after school coaching and also roll out our beginners course to interested pupils. 

Duke Of Edinburgh

Coaching Report May 2017

Written by Ted Eadie on .

As PDAA members will know, PDAA has two certified coaches, Chris Connolly, Level 2, and John Cook, Level 1, both working very hard to build up a reputation and becoming involved in coaching young people in the art of angling. The following was a report Chris wrote for a recent committee meeting. Also in the pipeline is a dedicated page for coaching news. 

PDAA Coaching Feb 2017

Written by Ted Eadie on .

At the recent PDAA committee meeting the topic of coaching was raised, and although it is generally appreciated that most members are competent salmon angler's, there may be some, who have only joined PDAA, and may appreciate some one to one assistance to get going. PDAA has a dedicated coaching officer, who generally coaches youth club members etc, but also would be willing to assist anyone to progress to the dizzy heights of a competent salmon angler. Chris was aked to write an article on coaching and produced the following :-