Advice fishing Rome Croy and Muirtons Aug 2019

Written by Ted Eadie on .

Rome Croy

Left bank of the Tay at Scone Palace. By arrangement with Stormont Angling Club. Download a pdf beat map by clicking here.


This beat is on the lowest reaches of the Tay, where the river is big and powerful and affected by the tide. Check tide times before fishing, and take great care when wading. Use a wading stick and lifejacket.

From top end (at the Almondmouth fishing hut) downstream, the pools are as follows: Grainhead - Back of the Island - Top of Woody Hole - Tail of Woody Hole - Flats ( all fly only), Bunkers to Quarry Mill (fly or spinning).

The fishing on Rome Croy and Muirtons will become better and better, as the autumn salmon run improves, and these beats will prove to be the best fishing PDAA can offer. Both beats are divided up into smaller sections and a queuing system will be in force at the beginning of each section. Please ensure you follow the queues, and make sure you come out of the water at the end of each beat section, and join the next queue, if you desire to fish the next stretch, do not fish through.

The Grainhead stream stretch,(fly only), is from the fishing hut,(queue), and Croy on Rome Croy side, to the end of the dyke (on Muirton side), there will be a seat on the Rome Croy side( queue). The Back of the Island,(fly only), is from this seat to the corner, where the Woody Hole shows on the Muirton side.(queue).  Next beat is the Woody Hole,(fly only), from the corner and  finishes, at the bottom of the island on Rome Croy side. From this, is The Flats beat,(fly only), which finishes at the fishing hut on The Bunkers (Rome Croy side). The Bunkers down river to Perth, can be fished by spinning or fly. These beats will become busy, but if you follow the rules and ettiquette of the beats will be very enjoyable. If in doubt, ask. 

Fishing on this beat has specific protocol regards queuing and not entering the river in front of other anglers, please ensure this is followed (if in doubt - ask).

.Fish tend to run through, around an hour or two before and after high tide (some fishing time may be lost at high water). The current through most of the beats is quite fast so sinking lines or skagits work best. Try using WetCel 2 lines or 3-4 sinking lines with 1" to 2" tube flies: Willie Gunn, Orange, Black & Silver, Yellow & Black, Allies Shrimp.

In lowish water the fish tend to be on the Muirton side with the current flow, but in high water fish are spread out and more to the Rome Croy side.


  • Fly fishing only from Rome Croy downstream to Catmoor Burn.
  • During the periods 5 February to the first Monday in May, and from 29 June to 20 August inclusive, fishing on the Grainhead Stream is allowed after 6pm only.
  • Spinning is allowed from Catmoor Burn downstream to the end of the beat.