Rome Croy and Muirtons

Written by Ted Eadie on .

As the salmon  season  progresses into the back end, the fishing should pick up on the Lower Tay. Fish are now being caught regularly on Almonmouth, so Rome Croy and Muirtons well worth trying. Note that the Grainhead Stream, from the Croy at Rome Croy, down to the end of the Dyke on Muirton, side is not available during the day until 6pm, as the Almondmouth boat fishes this. From 21st August 2019, the Grainhead Stream is available at any time until 15th October 2019, as the Almondmouth fishing on this part of the beat, finishes on 20th August 2019. On the Muirton side, try spinning down at the Pump House. Also try the Sawmill Stream around tide times, can be very productive ! If the river level drops a lot, try Stanners Island/Willowgate, but be aware this is tidal ,so find out the high tide times, before commencing fishing.