Atlantic Salmon Conservation Schools Network

Written by Ted Eadie on .

Chris Connolly, PDAA coaching officer, carried out a coaching session with this group of youngsters, as they prepare for a wonder trip, to see and fish the Miramachi River in Canada, this is part of the programme Perth High School is involved with. See also PDAA website ,News, 2018-08-09 & 2016-08-24.

The script that goes with this session is as follows:- 

"On a very blustery Tuesday evening of 2nd July myself and Ji McKay met with David Ritchie

and 3 pupils from Perth High School on the banks of the River Tay at Dalmarnock. Coin Mcfadyen the ghillie on the beat kindly allowed us to use the beat,so we could instruct the pupils how to cast with a fly rod.

The school has for a number of years been taking part in the worldwide Atlantic Salmon Conservation Schols Network and the pupils this year will be visiting Canada. They will not only be looking at rivers in Canada and various aspects of salmon conservation but will also be trying to catch one of our iconic Atlantic Salmon.The importance of being able to cast a fly rod before  visiting the miramichi river was our task on the evening. Alot of the fishing on the river is with single handed rods which made our task slightly easier.

The 3 pupils whom ventured up on a very windy evening to Dalmarnock had very limited experience and it was a challenge in the conditions to get then casting with a fly rod in the 2 hours that we had available to us. However, as the evening progressed and using the various techniques and tricks of the trade I had available to me the pupils started to grasp the mechanics of casting a fly rod.

During the session we had a few breaks and David showed them how to swing and fly and I carried out a short knot tying session.

After the session was over, all of the pupils came off the water smiling and I hoped we have helped them a little along the way of become a proficient fly caster. I also hope that just perhaps we have planted the seed into a few budding new members for the association.

I would like to thank both Jim and David for passing on their experience and talents to the enthusiastic pupils.

This is something I would like to see the club becoming more involved in and actively growing the number of youth members that we have.I would also like to congratulate the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Schools Network for asking us to participate in this great worldwide project.

Chris Connolly

PDAA Coaching and Development Officer"