Upper Scone :Left bank parking June 2019

Written by Ted Eadie on .

The Upper Scone fishing for PDAA supllied by kind generosity of Dave Mitchell, 2 rods per day, for Pitlochrie Pool and Benchill left bank, begin Monday 3rd June 2019. PDAA once again have permission from, Mr.Ronnie Hogan, of No.. 1 Fishponds Cottage, for vehicular passage past the Cottages, to park in the trees at left bank Benchill, for the periods, 3rd June - 15th June, and 1st July - 6th July, 8th July - 13th July, and 15th July - 20th July 2019. Please treat this parking with great respect and be polite if approached. This parking is extremely useful to PDAA and saves marathon distant walking. Please stay off the Fishponds Beat lawn.

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