The Needle Fly

Written by Ted Eadie on .

 needle fly

This fly was championed by the late Max Hume, who demonstrated tying it at Darnhall Bowling green where PDAA held a casting instruction day in 2012. The fly is tied on a sewing needle 2 - 3 inches long. Start by tying a nylon loop at the eye of the needle, varnish the whip finish,(this loop is only a guide and takes no load). Also tie and varnish a whipped stopper approx. 1/2 inch from the needle point. Tie in the hair/feathers  (your choice) , at the head of the fly,for the wing of the fly.Tie in your nylon leader as shown, leading through the nylon loop, a small length of rubber tube and your hook of choice. Slide the rubber tube up the point end of the needle, and pull up the line and hook into the rubber tube which should sit on the whipped stopper which holds it in position.