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Scottish Gamekeepers & Wild Salmon

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An interesting article about an association between Scottish Gamekeepers Association and Gillies Associations.Please read and digest the article accessed via the link below. There is no doubt that change and new approaches are required if we want to save the Atlantic Salmon. The SGA is well connected, and over the years has built up excellent links into the Scottish Government, MSPs, and government/non-government organisations. A strong fishing group inside the SGA is the right vehicle to make our voice heard!! Let us all show interest, support our ghillies, and make this happen.…/worried-about-salm…

Pink Salmon - Latest from Fisheries Management Scotland

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Fisheries Management Scotland guidance on Pink salmon: 2019 


As you may recall, Fisheries Management Scotland published a series of advice notes in 2017 in relation to the occurrence of Pink salmon in Scottish rivers. In light of the possibility of Pink salmon arriving again during 2019, we have produced a new advice note to provide information to DSFBs, trusts and wider stakeholders. This advice has been produced in collaboration with Marine Scotland, SNH and SEPA and provides advice on what to do if these fish are captured or observed, what information should be recorded and how samples should be stored. The advice note may be downloaded from our web page on Pink salmon at

Upper Scone fishing 3rd June to 15th June 2019

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All members please note that this fishing is LEFT bank only and the whole beat Pitlochry Pool and Benchill can be fished in total,with no split in the beat.

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