PDAA Fishing 2019 – Summary

New for 2019: The famous Dalguise beat on the River Tay. NB Murthly and Links Farm will not be available in 2019.

Not all days on all beats are available online - if you are not sure what's available when, click on Full Details to find out. Otherwise you can go straight to the booking system by clicking on the relevant Online Booking button.

NOTE – Using online booking on a mobile device. Some members have pointed out that it is not possible to make a same-day booking using a phone or tablet (eg iPad). We have contacted SuperSaas support, and this appears to be a bug in the mobile version of the booking system. However, there are a couple of workarounds:

  1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the "Show Desktop" link. This loads the desktop version of the system where you can book on the day as normal. (On a phone you may have to zoom in to see what you're doing.)
  2. OR, click on the Create New Reservation button. The form that opens will show the following day's date, but you can use the dropdown next to "When" to select today's date, along with the appropriate start time (usually 5am). Then click on Create Reservation as normal.

If you get a red error message while trying to make a reservation, do the following:

  1. Error: "Start time can only be XX:00" – use the "When" dropdown to select the correct start time.
  2. Error: "Overlaps with another reservation" – use the dropdown beside the beat name to select a different rod/place.

Salmon Fishing




All Season Beats Availability Further Info Online Link
River Almond 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Blairgowrie (River Ericht) 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Links Farm (River Isla) Not available for 2019    
Muirtons (Tay) 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Newton of Logierait (Tay) 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Available to members Tue, Thu and Sat. One guest rod daily. Full Details Online Booking
Rome Croy (Tay) 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Stanners Island & Willowgate (Tay) 15 Jan - 15 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Stirling Council Fishings (Rivers Forth & Teith) 1 Feb - 31 Oct: Two rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Upper Delvine (Tay)

15 Jan - 15 Oct: Three day rods Mon-Sat, plus
1 Apr - 15 Oct: Three evening rods Mon-Sat.

Full Details

Online (Day)

Online (Evening)

Upper Redgorton (Tay)

1 Apr - 15 Oct: One donated evening rod (online & balloted)

Full Details

Online (Donated)


Spring/Summer Beats Availability   Further Info Online Link
Findynate & Cloichfoldich (Tay) One week per month Feb-Jun: Two to four rods daily Mon-Sat, two rods per day balloted. Plus four rods (online) on the following Mondays: 11 and 25 March; 8 and 15 April; 13 May and 10 June. Full Details Online Booking
Lower Scone (Tay) 22 Apr - 29 Jun: Three rods daily Mon-Sat Full Details Online Booking
Murthly (Tay) Not available for 2019    
Stobhall (Tay) 28 Jan - 30 Jan : Six rods daily Mon-Wed, balloted Full Details Online Booking

Upper Redgorton (Tay)

16 Jan - 4 May: Two rods daily Mon-Sat, balloted
6 May - 22 Jun: Six day rods (incl two balloted) up to 6pm Mon-Sat.
6 May - 22 Jun: Six evening rods (incl two balloted)  after 6pm Mon-Sat.

Full Details

Online (Day)

Online (Evening)

Upper Scone (Tay)

3 Jun-15 Jun: two rods daily (both balloted)

1 Jul - 20 Jul: six rods daily (two balloted)

Full Details Online Booking
Dalguise (Tay)   16 Jan - 30 Jun: two rods daily Mon, Tue & Sat (balloted) Full Details Online Booking


Back End Beats Availability Further Info Online Link
None yet confirmed      


Trout Fishing

Trout Fishery Availability   Further Info Online Link
Glensherup All year: One boat (up to two rods) available Monday (day) and Wednesday (day). Full Details No Online Booking
River Tay 15 Mar – 6 Oct: Three to five permits daily on various beats. Full Details No Online Booking
White Loch & Fingask Loch 15 Mar – 6 Oct: Boats available daily via BRDAA (see Full Details link) Full Details No Online Booking


Rules for online booking

To use the online booking system, click on the relevant Online Booking button on this page (or on the relevant beat information page) and log in using the username and password provided to all members.

  • Members can book one place on the day of booking, plus one place in advance.
  • The place in advance can be booked up to seven days prior to the requested date (except for Dalguise, which is three days in advance).
  • Members can cancel their own bookings if required.

One drawback of the online system is that an existing advance booking overrides an on-the-day reservation for a particular beat. This can be worked around by cancelling the advanced booking, then booking the on-the-day place, and then rebooking the advance place if still required.

For beats where all the rods are allocated by ballot, the seven-day restriction does not apply (except for Dalguise, where the three-day limit still applies). There is no restriction on the number of cancellations a member can make.

Current Ballot

If the link in the ballot invitation email doesn't work, click on this Current Ballot link to get access (you will need your online booking login details).