PDAA Club Constitution

  1. The Association shall be called "The Perth and District Anglers' Association", and will be based in Perth, and all meetings held in Perth.

  2. The Management of the Association shall be vested in a Committee, which shall comprise seven officers (President, Vice President, Association Secretary, Salmon Secretary, Treasurer, Coaching Officer and IT/Website Manager) and up to a maximum of 10 Ordinary Members.

    1. The Officers shall retire every three years but shall be eligible for re-election. Retiral will be in a staggered rotation to avoid loss of Committee expertise.

    2. Ordinary Committee Members shall also retire every three years, again in staggered rotation.

    3. Officers and Committee members must volunteer and be proposed and seconded by Association Members. Forms will be sent out with the notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Proposals must be submitted to the Association Secretary within seven days of the Notice of the AGM.

    4. Voting will take place at the AGM.

    5. Ordinary Members retiring shall not be eligible for re-election at the Annual General Meeting at which they retire, except in the case of

      1. an Ordinary Member having been elected to replace an early retiring member and not having served more than one full year, or

      2. there being no volunteers to replace the retiring Ordinary Member, and that Member, being willing to serve a further 3-year term on the Committee.

    6. Six Members (Officers and Ordinary Members) shall form a quorum at Committee Meetings.

    7. The Committee shall be able to co-opt volunteers to the committee if circumstances demand more effort eg for specific events

  3. The object of the Association shall be the enjoyment, protection and improvement of any fishing, which are available to the Association.

  4. In pursuance of its general object the Association shall be empowered to acquire funds for its purposes and a banking account, or accounts, shall be kept in such bank or banks, as shall be instructed by the Committee of the Association, in the name of the Association.

  5. Monies drawn, there on, shall be signed for by the Treasurer and the President, and if the President not available, the Vice President or Secretary.

  6. The management and absolute control of the monies of the Association shall be delegated to and vested in the Committee of the Association.

  7. All contracts and agreements approved by the Committee shall be signed by any two of the President/Secretary/ Treasurer/ Salmon Secretary.

  8. The AGM of the Association shall be held each year in November when office bearers shall be elected. A report of the year's work shall be submitted by the President and a statement of accounts by the Treasurer, together with a Certificate of Accounts, signed by a qualified Examiner.

  9. One qualified Examiner, will be nominated each year for a period of one year.

  10. Twenty-Five Members shall constitute a quorum for an Ordinary General) Meeting and an Extraordinary Meeting. At any such meeting, the President (or Vice President in the absence of the President), shall have a deliberative vote and in the event of a tie, the casting vote.

  11. An Extraordinary General Meeting shall be called by the Secretary at the request of the Committee or on a Requisition signed by 30 members which shall state the business to be put before the meeting. The meeting shall be held within 28 days of receipt of Requisition.

  12. Notice of General Meetings shall be given to Members at least 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.

  13. Voting: One vote per attending member (but not Youth and Junior members).

  14. Election of Office Bearers and Committee Member: Voting by show of hands.

  15. The Association shall not incur any expenditure in excess of its funds, and shall be permitted to do all such lawful things as are conducive or incidental to attainment of the object of the Association.

  16. The title to all heritable property belonging to the Association shall be vested in the President. Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer for the time being. They are hereby authorized to grant all necessary Deeds or other document relating thereto in implement of the instruction of the Membership.

  17. The foregoing Constitution may be altered only at the AGM or at an EGM called for the purpose. Notice of any motion to alter the Constitution at the AGM must be submitted in writing to the Secretary within seven days of the Notice of the Meeting. In the case of an EGM, the motion will be part of the calling Notice. The Association Rules shall be updated, if necessary, after the AGM or EGM.

  18. Rules. The Association Rules shall be updated, if necessary, after the AGM

  19. Subscriptions.

    1. The level of subscriptions shall be decided at the AGM. Subscriptions for the year ahead shall be payable immediately after the AGM and by 31 December.

    2. Subscriptions are in the following categories:

    3. Senior

    4. Pensioner. This subscription rate is set at a level below the full senior rate. Pensioner is defined as a member who has reached the State Retirement Age on or before 31 December in the year prior to the year of membership. This rate is only applicable after one year of membership, the first year being charged at the full Senior rate.

    5. Youth – ages 17 - 21

    6. Junior – 16 years and under

    7. Latest subscription rates are shown in the Club rules.

    8. The full level of subscription shall be payable for new or returning members at any time during the year. However, new members or returning members joining at the Game Fair shall benefit from a reduced rate of 50% of the annual subscription, plus the administration fee.

    9. At the discretion of the Committee, new members and returning members may benefit from the “Game Fair” subscription rate until August 31.

    10. After September 1, new or returning members can pay the Game Fair rate for the remaining weeks or, alternatively, if they pay the full year subscription they will become members for the remaining weeks AND the following year.

    11. In these instances, returning members are defined as Senior and Pensioner members who have not been full members for the past three years.

Office bearers have the choice of free or reduced subscriptions, although donations are always welcome.