Conservation Code

River Tay Conservation Code

The Association encourages restraint and endorses catch and release as a valuable conservation tool, and commends to anglers the guidance on this and the maximum number of salmon that should be retained, issued by the Tay District Salmon Fisheries Board.

Click here to visit the TDSB's conservation page, or download a PDF copy of the TDSFB Conservation Code.

Click here to download a copy of the Salmon & Trout Association's Catch & Release Guide.

  • Sea Trout Recognition Guide
  • Salmon Recognition Guide
  • Catch and Release Guide

The latest recommendations for 2018:

15 January – 31 March

All salmon must, by law, be returned to the water (even if the fish is dead!).

1 April – 31 May

It is recommended that all fish be released.

From 1 June to end of season

All hen fish of any size and all cock fish over 10 pounds should be released.

All coloured and gravid fish should be released.

No more than one clean fish weighing less than 10 pounds should be retained per angler per day.

Sea Trout

All sea trout should be released.


Worming only permitted in June, July and August. Only Circle or Shelton release hooks should be used.