Code of Conduct

The Perth & District Angling Association Committee is keen to promote humane practices in the pastime of angling and offers the following advice.

  • Anglers should consider the use of barbless hooks, particularly when undersized fish are to be returned to the water.
  • The aim of "playing" the fish is to bring it to the boat or shore as quickly as the tackle will allow.
  • The fish should be landed with the help of a net or by "beaching".
  • If the fish is to be retained, it should be killed at once using a "priest". This should be done before unhooking or handling.
  • When the fish is to be returned to the water it is essential that it is treated with care. It is not always necessary to take the fish out of the water.
  • Unhooking is easier if barbless hooks are used and is more efficiently managed if an appropriate instrument is used. If the fish has to be handled use wet hands. Do not lift the fish by the gill covers or lift unsupported by the tail. Knotless nets are recommended. Return the fish to the water with its head facing upstream until it has recovered and can swim away.
  • All broken or unusable line, and any found around the river, to be taken away and disposed of.
  • The humane handling of fish is closely linked to the preservation of the species.
  • In the interest of salmon stock preservation it is hoped that all members treat the River Board's Conservation Code as a minimum requirement.