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Latest PDAA News

Almondmouth high water 16 2 2020

almond mouth . 16 2 20  almond mouth 16 2 20

Perth Film Society - Of Fish and Foe

Perth film society will put on a Scottish documentary examining the increasingly controversial practice of netting of wild Atlantic salmon, off the Angus coast, as the fish return to their spawning grounds, on Thursday 20th February 2020, at Perth Theatre, at 19.45 hrs.(see P.A.14.02.2020 page 25.)

P.D.Malloch Closing Down


I learned today with great regret, that P.D.Malloch’s Fishing tackle and Gun shop, in Perth’s Old High Street, will be closing down very soon, 26th Feb 2020, another victim of the local shop, and High Street decline, to the modern mega stores and online buying.

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RSPCA stamp of Approval

When this stamp of approval first appeared on farmed salmon packages it raised a few questions, now seems to be answered

chri packham 9 2 20

SGA petition regards consultation on stocking

Should all stakeholders have a say on the future use of salmon hatcheries in Scotland? If you think they should, please sign the SGA Fishing Group petition calling for a full consultation on stocking of salmon rivers. Find the petition, here: https://www.parliament.scot/GettingInvol…/Petitions/PE01782…

Please look at this and sign if you agree!