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Latest PDAA News

Perth High School/Atlantic Salmon Aug 2016

A few years ago I was in contact with Perth High School teacher David Ritchie, who had started the Perth High School Angling Club. A few days ago I enquired of David how things were progressing and his emailed answer is below. The PHSAC has become involved internationally with the Atlantic Salmon Conservation Schools  Network and formed a website to show this off. It is a very good and informative website and is also on facebook, all full of information and links, well worth viewing.

David's email :-

"Thanks Ted, Yes we are still doing bits and pieces of tying and fishing…Ill have a think about another session before the end of the season…

In addition to the angling club I’ve set this up and we have received EU funding….






David " 


Grainhead Stream Cleekum 20th August 2016

All members should note that the Grainhead Stream, Cleekum on Rome Croy and Muirtons permit, can now be fished at all times during the day,(fly only) until 15th October 2016. During the  season, 2nd February to 9th May and 29th June to 20th August, this fishing is controlled by the ghillie,  for the boat guests on Almondmouth, since the Grainhead was historically  a netting station,(Cleekum), controlled by Scone Estates.

The fishing on Rome Croy and Muirtons will become better and better, as the autumn salmon run improves, and these beats will prove to be the best fishing PDAA can offer. Both beats are divided up into smaller sections and a queuing system will be in force at the beginning of each section. Please ensure you follow the queues, and make sure you come out of the water at the end of each beat, and join the next queue, if you desire to fish the next stretch, do not fish through. The Grainhead stream stretch,(fly only), is from the fishing hut,(queue), and Croy on Rome Croy side, to the end of the dyke (on Muirton side), there will be a seat on the Rome Croy side( queue). The Back of the Island,(fly only), is from this seat to the corner, where the Woody Hole shows on the Muirton side.(queue).  Next beat is the Woody Hole,(fly only), from the corner and  finishes, at the bottom of the island on Rome Croy side. From this, is The Flats beat,(fly only), which finishes at the fishing hut on The Bunkers (Rome Croy side). The Bunkers down river to Perth, can be fished by spinning or fly. These beats will become busy, but if you follow the rules and ettiquette of the beats will be very enjoyable. If in doubt, ask. 


Game Fair Competition Winner 2016

PDAA attended the annual game Fair held at Scone  Estate in July and held a competition to,'Find the number of flies in the jar'. The winning number was 603. This was won by Laura Coyle, (604), and the prize of a days fishing on Upper Delvine, was taken on 15th August 2016, by Laura's boyfriend Nick Monkhouse (center) and Nick's father Joe Monkhouse (right), with PDAA treasurer/secretary John Cook who acted as guide for the day.

photo gf comp winner 2016


Salmon Autumn Run August 2016

It would appear that the 2016 autumn salmon run has started to show. Fish are being caught on upper Delvine, Rome Croy and Muirtons and grilse are being seen. As the run develops Rome Croy and Muirtons are well worth a shot, and Stanners Island /Willowgate will start to produce fish.

To fish Stanner's Island,- from Perth, cross Queen's Bridge and head for Bridgend,(Blairgowrie road), turn left into Commercial Street before reaching Old Bridge (Smeaton), and park in Commercial Streel,(parking meters!), change into waders, and cross the backwater to the main River Tay, you will now see Tay Street on the other side. Great care should be taken to check the tide times, as this stretch is tidal, and members could get caught on the island at high tide. This permit also includes Moncrieffe Island, fishing from the Railway Bridge to the Lower Harbour but, because of the backwater and contour of the left bank of the river, it is not possible to climb out of the water onto the bank, and you must retrace your steps back against the flow of the river!

Update to Conservation of Salmon Regs 2017

9th August 2017.

Latest from Scottish Government regards update on the conservation of salmon (Scotland),Regulations 2017 and the programme of support for angling clubs to market catch and release.

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