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Latest PDAA News

AGM, Trophies,etc, 6.30pm Wed 23rd Nov 2016

Now that the fishing season is over for 2016, it is time to prepare for the PDAA AGM, which will be held on Wednesday 23rd November, starting at 6.30pm,at the Glenearn Road Community Campus, 4 Glenearn Road, Perth, PH2 0BE, Tel: 01738 472454.

Any applications for trophies should be lodged with the Secretary or President. Any topics for inclusion on the agenda, should also be sent in, as soon as possible, and before the end of October.

I would hope for a good turnout at the AGM, as the more members who turn up gives a better representation of the membership, when votes are taken.

Anyone wishing to volunteer to sit on the committee or serve as office bearers should also make themselves known. At present John Cook is acting as both Treasurer and Secretary.

Colin Laing - deceased . October 2016

It is with great regret, I must advise everyone, of the passing of Colin Laing. Although Colin was not a member of PDAA recently, he was a stalwart in the early days of PDAA, and served on the committee and as an office bearer, for many years, until he sadly left due to some form of misunderstanding, and did not rejoin. Colin fished a lot at Rome Croy, since Stormont AC was formed in 1981, and was an excellant angler, and very good company into the bargain , he will be sadly missed and I thank him for all his assistance and advice during the years. Funeral private.


Shooting at Logierait 13th Oct 2016

Although the season is almost finished members should note,, if fishing Logierait  rght bank, that there may be shooting going on. Please see membership book page 11 regards warning signs, and check for this before fishing or walking along the river.As far as I am aware, if DUCK shooting is in progress a red flag should be on display, but this only applies to ducks.

Upper Delvine Wading October 2016

At the PDAA committee meeting held last night, 4th Oct 2016, the subject of wading at Upper Delvine in high water, was again raised, and concern for wading, in and around the big stones, in front of the hut. Because of the 2015/16 winter floods have altered, the flow of the current around the stones, great care should be taken. If you try to wade out in front of the stones, to fish to the far side, the current is extremely strong and more importantly, the gravel bottom is extremely fluid, so when you move your'e feet, the gravel is slipping away into deeper water in the main channel.

Committee's advice, is to use a wading stick, wear a life jacket and BE AWARE ! Do not take chances !

Fish in Alaska August 2017

I was contacted by Mr.Chester MacDonald who runs a fishing beat in Alaska, offering PDAA members a special deal to fish next August, I enquired what the special deal would be, and I copied the text of his return email, which is  shown below:-

Mr Eadie,
I think you will like this deal. Salmon fishing on Prince of Wales Island is unmatched in quality of fish and the shear numbers of fish that run up the rivers. It is the 3rd largest Island in the US and there are only 5,000 residents on the island. It is truely a salmon lover's paradise. We have 4 of the 5 species of Pacific Salmon that run in the waters of Alaska and the daily limits are incredibly liberal.  Read more ...