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Latest PDAA News

Something to hang on your wall - Video

The following video link was sent in by Iain Bain, PDAA member, showing him preparing and painting a fiber glass model of a salmon.


Hi Ted      I don't know if this might be of interest      If it is feel free to add it to the web  site    I've just added it to YouTube.      It might inspire someone else to hang something on there wall
Cheers Iain

Coaching Report

As PDAA members will know, PDAA has two certified coaches, Chris Connolly, Level 2, and John Cook, Level 1, both working very hard to build up a reputation and becoming involved in coaching young people in the art of angling. The following was a report Chris wrote for a recent committee meeting. Also in the pipeline is a dedicated page for coaching news. 

Coaching Report for Mar /April 2017 

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Perth Silent Auction 20th May 2017

PDAA donated a day's fishing for 2 persons with a PDAA guide at Upper Delvine to Perth Silent Auction earlier in the year. The winning bidder James Davidson and his guest Brian Scougall fished today with PDAA guide John Cook ,in the rain.

IMG 20170520 134915

    James Davidson  John Cook   Brian Scoogall

Upper Redgorton Summer Permits 2017

Upper Redgorton Beat Rotation

Can I remind all members that the 2017 Upper Redgorton permits including the donate evening permit are split until Monday 29th May?

The split is: Upper Half of beat both banks:  Monday - Wednesday - Friday

                    Lower Half of beat both banks : Tuesday - Thursday - Saturday

Please adhere to this rotation,even if Mike is not in attendance


New member catches salmon

Congratulations to Robert Kellie on catching his first PDAA salmon , 8.5 lbs, on PDAA waters,at Upper Delvine. Robert is an experienced angler but only just discovered and  joined PDAA.

IMG 3486