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Latest PDAA News

Protecting wild salmon stocks - NEPS Electrofishing

Protecting Atlantic Salmon stocks
Investment of £400,000 is being committed to fund the continuation of a project that is helping safeguard Scotland’s Atlantic Salmon. The 2019 NEPS report is available to view report at https://doi.org/10.7489/12203-1, with the data at https://doi.org/10.7489/12201-1. A map of NEPS sites from 2018 and an Interactive application for exploring the results of the NEPS analysis are also available to view.

Juvenile salmon from more than 800 sites across Scotland’s rivers were surveyed as part of the National Electrofishing Programme for Scotland (NEPS) in 2018, using a method known as electrofishing.

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Wild Salmon - Scottish Parliament

You may be interested to see that The Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) have just published a briefing on wild salmon online: https://digitalpublications.parliament.scot/ResearchBriefings/Report/2019/7/11/Wild-Salmon.

SPICe aims to provide impartial, factual, accurate information and analysis to Members in support of Scottish Parliament parliamentary business.

Simon Bryden

Fishing available, Upper Scone and more 2019

All members please note that the summer fishing at Upper Scone, donated by J.Apthorp,MBE, finishes tomorrow, Saturday 20th July 2019. I would like to thank J.Apthorp for his generosity, in donating this 3 weeks fishing, and Mungo Ingelby,(CKD Galbraiths), for arranging this. Although this, fishing is finished, there are still many rods available, including :-R.Almond x 2, R.Ericht, Muirtons, Logierait, Rome Croy, Stanners Island & Willowgate, Stirling Council Forth/Teith, Upper Delvine, Upper Redgorton Donated evening permit, Fishponds. Fishing should pick up on the Lower Tay, if there is to be a back end run developing.

Game Fair weekend 2019

Spent the weekend in the PDAA marquee tent with other PDAA volunteers spreading the word to encourage interested people in joining PDAA. The good dry weather brought out good crowds and plenty interest in PDAA. PDAA also donated a day's fishing at Upper Delvine as a prize which is used for the casting competitions. Also very good to see some PDAA members participating in the casting events, did not win, but put on a good show.

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Scone Game Fair Friday 5th July 2019

game fair bd 1 game fair bd 2  

Come along and visit the PDAA tent on Saturday and Sunday.